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There is now a convergence of historical metaphysics with modern quantum science.


The Manifestation Formula shows how to combine the principles of metaphysics consciousness with the basic math of probability – to manage our thoughts and achieve our goals. There is now a convergence of the ancient metaphysics ideas with modern quantum science.

Welcome to Modern Manifestation & Attraction

Metaphysics: the philosophy of the meaning of everything in existence.

Philosophers, teachers, and scientists throughout history have delved into the connection of human energies, thoughts, and consciousness to the greater universe. Modern  Manifestation will focus on the special aspect of Metaphysics + Quantum Science – that the universe is one, vast field- that everything is connected to and is touching everything else – we all live in a single field of energy and information. 

Quantum Physics:

The science of determining what everything is made of.

When quantum physics concepts began in the 19th century and revolutionized scientific beliefs, we began to see a new holistic definition of quantum consciousness. That human energy and the information we contain are an integral part of the universal whole.

The Modern Manifestation Formula


A practical approach to our achieving goals.

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction practices are not new ideas. The ideas emerged over 3000 years ago, from Lao Tzu to Plato, Aristotle to the modern practitioners such as Carl Jung, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, and the New Thought movement.


Almost every great intellect, from Shakespeare to Einstein, recognized that human thoughts are special, and must be part of a greater idea – but what was that idea?

The ideas of the law of attraction and manifestation can now be updated with our evolutionary awareness, with a practical method for our modern lives. The Manifestation Formula will help bring forth our abilities to manage universal connections and to transform our ideas and thoughts into achieving goals and successful outcomes. 

Like all skills, from sports to music to school courses, we have to practice to learn, and the same is true for manifestation and law of attraction techniques. 

Manifestation happens every day- and we can learn how to use our thoughts more effectively. Modmetaphysics will focus on the convergence of three great realms of ideas:


 3. Metaphysics tools: individuals and institutions should operate within the rules and follow a fundamental process for manifestation of goals:


1.  Knowledge: all that humans have studies invented, written, divined and forecasted:



2.  Quantum and Metaphysical time:  These three states consume all our thoughts, decisions, choices, and actions.

Past….. Present….. Future