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The Manifestation Formula Conversation & Coaching

Starting in January 2020
The Manifestation Formula personal coaching.

I am going to do more than practice what I preach. I would like to help others fully engage with The Manifestation Formula principles with personalized manifestation conversation and coaching.

Over the years of my pursuit of manifestation wisdom and techniques, perhaps the most frustrating aspect was that I had no one to talk to about my interests and questions. I had lots of books, listened to webinars, attended meet ups about metaphysics, the law of attraction, manifestation and other spirituality related topics. Most of what I encountered was helpful, a few times even profound, and provided new ideas to me. 

But our manifestation goals are very personal  ideas that we cannot  easily share with others, especially people close to us. I found some success in talking about issues with a therapist, but in the back of my mind I knew that my visits were limited, I was one more person on a crowded schedule sandwiched in between marital relationships and bad habits counseling.

Many disciplines and teachers recommend that we do find trusted people to talk to about our lives, share experiences and wishes for the future. But I never found one person in my circle of friends and acquaintances that fully embraced the same metaphysics questions I had, and  would be a trusted confidant. The reality is that most people have their own wishes, wants, problems and just routine everyday life. Some people are willing to listen, but they are not ready and willing to be your personal manifestation counselor.

But those few moments of conversational success, a  person at a Meetup, talking with a colleague at one of my volunteer roles, were small glimpses of how inspiring it was to have honest, open and mutual conversations about a personal manifestation idea, even if only for 20 or 30 minutes. 

One of my recommendations in the manifestation formula is the four-part process of bringing your thoughts to reality:
1.    We spend a lot of time “thinking” our thoughts and ideas to ourself.
2.    Write your thoughts down to see what they look like and how it felt to try and express yourself.
3.    Say your thoughts and wishes goals out loud. How easy or difficult is it for you to find the words and confidence to actually speak about what you are seeking?
4.    Talk to someone you trust about your manifestation goals. This step is the culmination of how you have clarified your goals, found the words and expressions that you feel comfortable with, and you have little embarrassment or reluctance to tell someone else. Maybe it takes a couple of tries, but being able to tell another person about your manifestation goals confidently, with clarity and knowing that you will follow through is the final step to enter the successful manifestations zone.

I’m not a trained therapist, but I’m a very good researcher, listener and observer of how to connect the dots, and identify patterns of ideas and behavior.  My professional career was in communications, trend and behavioral research. My work was to identify, observe and forecast the ideas, expectations and behaviors of people at the macro or population level. For example, to be mundane, how effective will a new advertising campaign be for a new product or service?  The analysis and research about a total population still requires understanding of what’s happening at the individual level. What are the common denominators that interest and motivate people? Then, I had to transform the macrolevel research into analyses and reports to present to the individual clients.

Although research was my career, I spent much of my time in senior management. When I retired I was Executive Vice President of one the world’s largest marketing research firms. Over the years I gained experience from managing one person to eventually managing thousands of people. I interviewed and hired hundreds of people. I gave countless presentations not just about my research work, but to employees about how to improve our common business lives, organizational changes, everything from mundane business reports to pep talks. But everything I did still had to recognize how I was communicating to a group made up of individuals.

 The Manifestation Formula personal conversation on coaching.

I am going to apply the research disciplines I used for almost 50 years to help individuals use the Manifestation Formula process, workbook and course. If you are stuck, if you have questions, if you need someone who fully and truly understands what you are trying to achieve, and wants to help you succeed, I can shift from being the author to the listener to the unofficial advisor.

If you just want help in developing yo

If you want to be able to talk through how to formulate your goals, understand the obstacles, set your priorities, and find that one person to whom you can speak your manifestation thoughts aloud, I can help you.

The manifestation formula coaching will begin in January 2020. (Limited manifestation conversations available in October, 2019, by appointment only)

The services will be available via phone, Skype or video conferencing.

Regular manifestation conversation and sessions would normally be about one hour. But some people want shorter, and some people hate to cut off once they get going. Sessions therefore can be scheduled from 30 minutes to two hours.

•    30 minute first introductory conversation – $25
•    Standard one-hour conversation – $75
•    30 minutes — $40
•    1 ½ hours — $110
•    Two hours —$140


Please contact me by uisng the contact form at this website.
All fees payable in advance by PayPal. If you schedule and pay for a one-hour conversation, and we decide to go longer, you will be billed via PayPal for the additional time.

I am not a medical professional or licensed or  trained provider of medical, therapy or other psychological based services. Any person who believes they have physical or psychological issues that are serious, life-threatening or involve other people should always consult with a medical professional. Richard Spitzer will be providing only in-depth discussions about the information provided in the manifestation formula and how the concepts and principles relates to everyday life, business and setting goals and pursuing them.