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The Manifestation Formula  - The Book

The Manifestation Formula is a practical manifestation approach, where quantum physics meets metaphysics in a modern context. 

The Manifestation Formula is simple: 

1. A seven-step guide to transform thoughts into choices and actions. 

2. It’s not all or nothing, it’s not 100% or 0%. The wisdom of the universe has given us the formula. 
When we think about our goal, we need to maintain our positive attitudes and feelings about that goal at least 68% of the time to have a high probability of success.
The positive thought goal of 68% is the probability threshold where most outcomes occur– maintain your positive thoughts about your goal at least 68% of the time, and you’ve entered the successful manifestations zone. 

3. As I discovered, “thinking” positively about my goal at least 68% of the time was not as easy as I expected, and I had no way to know how well I was doing. So, I created a way to measure that matches how I thought, and how those thoughts changed over time.

An easy to use Thoughts Scorecard™ to track your progress towards the 68% goal and beyond.

Take a look inside the book. The Manifestation Formula covers the history. language, issues, obstacles and opportunities for us all with effective and practical Manifestation.