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The Manifestation Formula

For the past 15 years, I’ve been using my research background to find a way to identify the most important and effective methods for individuals to achieve their goals. 

Every day we see success, and failure, all around us.                How do some people seeem to succeed so easily?

Why do some people fail despite their efforts?

What’s behind these outcomes? 

My research and personal experience made clear that there is a process by which people can accomplish their goals.     


 I wanted to learn how to do it for myself and share with others.

My background is in communications and behavioral research — discovering what influences and motivates people and businesses to make choices and take actions. I like to figure out why and how things work.

Like many people, I read countless books and blogs and listened to seminars. I learned a lot, but still did not find a practical and comfortable understanding of how to systematically transform my thoughts and ambitions into successful outcomes. So instead of reading one more book, I decided to use what I’d learned to figure out a system that would work for me, and hopefully others. 

I applied my research experience to find the manifestation success characteristics and have proposed my own simple and accessible program. I took a traditional meta-research approach, of investigating a wide range of teachings, conventional wisdom and scientific support, combined with my own observations and experiences.

We know people have goals and we can observe outcomes, both successful and unsuccessful. What are the characteristics and processes that occur in the space between the idea and the outcome? 

There is no magic answer or perfect system, but we’ve never been taught how to adapt and use our natural manifestation capabilities.

The bottom line of “you are what you think” is this : Projecting positive thoughts about what you want  does not connect directly to the universe, which then delivers what you want. Your thoughts and beliefs are the starting point– the catalyst for YOU to make the choices and take the actions that will result in obtaining your goals.

The Universe Doesn’t Take "Reservations”

There are core concepts of modern metaphysics and manifestation:

1.    You can’t ask, want or pray for something from the universe, to be delivered at a future time. The universe only works in the “now,” using a process that YOU must start and follow according to a few basic rules.

2.    There is a universal process of connection, alignment, and participation that will work when your efforts are in sync with the principles of the universe.

A manifestation process is based on this simple  formula:

(thoughts + choices + actions) = manifestation

to be employed with clarity, consistency, belief, and detachment.

Humans interact with universal sources to manifest outcomes. But we do not fully understand the operation or location of the universal resources. But we can observe the formula in action every day. We observe people with thoughts and plans and see their results. Manifestation Math will fill in the missing steps in the process, what we need to do to complete the  formula and transform the original thoughts into successful outcomes.

3.    Transforming thoughts into outcomes requires a critical balance of “positive” to “negative” thoughts, and the emotions associated with them. But there is no 100%, all or nothing requirement;  it’s not necessary to be 100% positive, nor does every negative thought sabotage your goals. 

The mathematics of the universe tells us that everything is a probability, and the primary model is the normal distribution or bell-shaped curve.

For successful manifestation, people need to achieve the level where the majority of activity occurs, as demonstrated by the bell curve — 68% is the “magic” number. Effective manifestation occurs when the level of positive and consistent thoughts about your goal represents at least 68% of all your thoughts about that specific goal.

Humans are measurement and progress oriented — we need to know how we are doing. Thus, Modern Manifestation Math also provides the critical feedback on your progress, what I call the Thoughts Scorecard™, so you know when you’ve entered the successful manifestation zone.

This book is a modern guide to metaphysics and manifestation, to find the common elements and evidence of successful manifestations and offer a new approach for today’s environment.

The book will focus primarily on the manifestation process for things, and less on personal issues and relationships, because our wants for material things is so  pervasive in our thoughts.

Modern Manifestation Math provides the first complete process that integrates all the necessary elements of successful manifestation. I discovered what turned out to be a simple manifestation process that worked for me and should work for most other people, because I’m average and started out skeptical.