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What have you been searching for? Manifestation? The Law of Attraction? The Power of Positive Thinking? The Secrets of Success?

So was I.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been using my research background to find a way to identify the most important and effective methods for individuals to achieve their goals. 

Every day we see success, and failure, all around us.  

How do some people seeem to succeed so easily?

Why do some people fail despite their efforts?

What’s behind the successes and misses? 

My research and personal experience made clear that there is a process by which people can accomplish their goals.     


 I wanted to learn how to do it for myself and share with others.

The Universe Doesn’t Take "Reservations”

“You are what you think”, ‘”You attract what you think about”.


These simple ideas have never had a practical explanation of how attraction and manifestation actually work so we can manage our thoughts to achieve our goals.

Philosophers, teachers, and scientists throughout history have delved into the connection of human energies, thoughts, and consciousness to the greater universe. MM&M will focus on the special aspect of Metaphysics + Quantum physics – that the universe is one, vast field- that everything is connected to and is touching everything else –we all live in a single field of energy and information. 

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction practices are not new ideas. The ideas emerged over 3000 years ago, from Lao Tzu to Plato, Aristotle to the modern practitioners such as Carl Jung, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Tony Robbins, and the New Thought movement. Almost every great intellect, from Shakespeare to Einstein, recognized that human thoughts are special, and must be part of a greater idea – but what was that idea? 

Modern Manifestation is a simple formula to combine the principles of metaphysics consciousness with the basic math of probability – to manage our thoughts and achieve our goals. There is now a convergence of the ancient metaphysics ideas with modern quantum science.

The Manifestation Formula™ is your guide to connect your thoughts with how you make choices and take action. It is a learning system with three parts:

1.    The Manifestation Formula™ book describes the research I did to develop the Manifestation Formula™ principles.

2.    The Manifestation Formula™ workbook provides simple exercises from the key points in the book.

3.    We all like to know how we’re doing. The Manifestation Thoughts Scorecard™ is a way to record your thoughts and feelings about your goal. You will be able to follow your progress to see where you are on the path to the critical balance between positive and negative thoughts to enter the successful manifestation zone.

The Manifestation Formula is available on Amazon  ,  print and kindle. You can purchase the workbook and Thoughts Scorecard program directly, right here.

The bottom line of “you are what you think” is this : Projecting positive thoughts about what you want  does not connect directly to the universe, which then delivers what you want. Your thoughts and beliefs are the starting point– the catalyst for YOU to make the choices and take the actions that will result in obtaining your goals.
1.    You can’t ask, want or pray for something from the universe, to be delivered at a future time. The universe only works in the “now,” using a process that YOU must start and follow according to a few basic rules.
2.     There is a universal process of connection, alignment, and participation that will work when your efforts are in sync with the principles of the universe.

The ideas of the law of attraction and manifestation can now be updated with our evolutionary awareness, with a practical method for our modern lives. The Manifestation Formula will help bring forth our abilities to manage universal connections and to transform our ideas and thoughts into achieving goals and successful outcomes.