• Manifestation Math

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I discovered a simple manifestation process that worked for me and should work for most other people because I’m pretty average and started very skeptical. 

Humans love to keep score and track their progress about how they’re doing and how far they have to go. So, I created my simple scorecard to keep track of my thoughts on a regular basis.

You have to be honest in setting your goals and assessing your progress, which can be daily, weekly or monthly. Once you get into the process, you’ll find that the self-scoring assessments become a fun way to get feedback on your progress.

There are two parts to broadcasting your thoughts about what you want: 
1. What you want, your thoughts about you goal.
2. What you believe and truly feel about the possibility of achieving your goal.
•    Thoughts: I want a new house
•    Feelings:  “ I can see myself in the house already” vs. “I’ll probably never get it.” 

 The Thoughts Scorecard keeps track of your progress and is a modern approach to help you understand how you are thinking about your goals.

We will always have the inevitable conflict between our positive and negative thoughts, and the negatives reduce the power of your positives. It’s the balance that is critical.

If you want to have positive thoughts most of the time, that means at least 68% of your thoughts about your goal should be positive.

The Thoughts Scorecard does all the work for you. Fill in your Scorecard regularly and you will learn how your thoughts are being transformed into your successful goals.