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The Manifestation  Formula Thoughts Scorecard

​There will be two ways to get the thoughts scorecard system.

1.  When you buy the Thoughts Scorecard you will receive an Excel workbook with a blank scorecard. (Works on Google Sheets too). You fill in your goals and your statements and set up your schedule for scoring.  Once you fill in your percentages the program will automatically provide your total positive score and your adjusted score.


 2. The Manifestation Scorecard will eventually be available as an online, interactive program. You will be able to log in, fill in your information, track your progress on how you are achieving your goal to reach the 68% or higher level of positive thoughts the adjusted basis. 


You will receive:


  • Thoughts Scorecard user guide

  • Blank workbook in Excel (can be  opened in Google Sheets)

  • The workbook will be set up for 26 periods, but the columns can be expanded as you need. You can set your own schedule for weekly, biweekly or monthly scoring.

  • Your subscription is good for one year. 

  • Future updates to the Thoughts Scorecard will be discounted if you are an original subscriber to Edition 1.

  • You will always be able to contact us with questions or suggestions.

  • In 2019 the automated Thoughts Scorecard will be online. If you buy the Excel version you will have the option to have access to the online version at no additional cost.


The Thoughts Scorecard is designed to help you capture your ideas and feelings about your goals and monitor your progress on a  regular basis.

You have a Modern Metaphysics goal- to reach a level of at least 68% Positive thoughts about your goal.

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Only $39 for a one year

workbook and updates

Please contact us with any questions or for help with your Scorecard.