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The Thoughts Scorecard

Manifestation Math is a practical manifestation approach, where quantum physics meets metaphysics in a modern context. I discovered a simple manifestation process that worked for me, and should work for most other people, because I’m pretty average and started out skeptical. 


Humans love to keep score and track their progress about how they’re doing and how far they have to go. So, I created my own simple scorecard to keep track of my thoughts on a regular basis.

You have to be honest in setting your goals and assessing your progress, daily, weekly or monthly. Once you get into the process you’ll find that the self-scoring assessments become a good challenge for you, even fun.

There are two parts to broadcasting your thoughts about what you want : 
Your intention and your feelings about the goal. What you want and what you believe about that possibility.

  • Intention: I want a new house

  • Feelings:   “ I can see myself in the house already” vs “I’ll probably never get it”  

The Basic Thoughts Scorecard uses a 7-point scale, with the statements that go with each combination to express your thoughts and feeling. 

You will fill in the blanks about what you want, and then rate all your thoughts in the past week or month about that goal. Were your thoughts about the new house 100% positive?  Most likely it’s a combination of several types of thoughts. This worksheet uses very straightforward language that you can change to match the nature of your goal.

The Thoughts Scorecard Adjustment.

If you have both positive and negative thoughts, they can cancel each other out and set your process back. So, I needed a way to get a true measure of how my battle between positive and negative was affecting my goal.

The  starting total Positive score is the total of your positive thoughts in the 7 categories. But Negative feelings are given additional importance or influence, because they reduce the power of positives, it’s a penalty. If you are having trouble achieving and going beyond the 68% positive goal, and you have substantial negatives, you will be hurting your chances of success.

To have a true measure of the positive vs negative battle,  I created an adjustment step to account for  how negatives detract from positives. This is my scorecard for writing this book which  helped me understand where I need to pay more attention to my thoughts and beliefs.

I started out with high expectations, 70% positive, but my adjusted score was dismal-just 37%.
Once I actually started writing this book, and was in the process of working on my prior book, my feelings of confidence increased, to 75%, but the adjusted score only increased to 50% – better, but still far short of the goal. 

 After I published my first book in November 2017, and fully got into the writing of the second book, I had more clarity and confidence, and my total positive increased to 90%, and my adjustment score increased to 79% — success! But doubts and uncertainty never disappear. 

The scorecard is not a one-time achievement, you need to keep working toward your goals. This last chart shows how a thought scorecard can be set up to assess your progress toward your goal weekly, every two weeks or monthly. That’s up to you.

What do you need for the Thought Scorecard? A blank full scorecard with the critical adjustment built into the formula.

Remember, whatever you want has also been achieved by someone else — so it’s not a fantasy, but you need a plan that’s realistic for you. There are many excellent techniques to help focus your thoughts, clarify your goals and sustain your energies — to set in motion whatever resources or energies are on the other side of the equation . 


It’s simple math: (Thoughts + Choices + Action) = What You Obtain.

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"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"

John Lennon