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The Manifestation Formula is a practical manifestation approach, where quantum physics meets metaphysics in a modern context. I discovered a simple manifestation process that worked for me, and should work for most other people, because I’m average and started out skeptical. 

The Manifestation Formula Course Workbooks

If you believe, or want to believe, that “ you are what you think”, and “attract what you think about”, there is a process to manage thoughts, choices and actions to achieve your goal. We see successful manifestation around us every day. What is the practical formula for success?



Philosophers, teachers and ordinary people have had the same ideas about the power of our thoughts for centuries. But I never found a practical explanation for how to manage my thoughts to manifest my goals. 

Many people are still seeking a way to use manifestation teachings that are realistic for how we actually think and live.

And I wanted to discover how to “manifest” what I wanted too. I applied my professional research experience to explore what was missing between my thoughts and the results - with the inevitable struggle between positive thoughts and negative thoughts.  


The key to manifestation. The usual advice is to have positive thoughts “most of the time”. But no teaching could tell me what “most of the time” actually meant. I had to discover the answer for myself. I connected the dots to fill in the missing steps between my thoughts and achieving a goal successfully.

You don’t have to be 100% positive, and you can’t get rid of all the negatives. But you do have to know how you are thinking about your goal, positive or negative. The simple Manifestation Formula can help you achieve the successful balance between them.

The Manifestation Formula is a guide and companion to achieving your goals. We all want something – something we don’t have, something to make our lives better, a change in our life, a new job, a healthier lifestyle, more financial security, a new house or car.

What we want starts with our thoughts, and we need to connect them to a plan. The Manifestation Formula ™ is your bridge to connect thoughts about your goals with how you make the choices and take the actions to achieve those goals. The Manifestation Formula is a learning system with three parts:

•    The Manifestation Formula book, describing the research I did to develop the Manifestation Formula principles.

•    The Manifestation Formula workbook provides simple exercises from the key points in the book.

•    We all like to know how we’re doing. The Manifestation Thoughts Scorecard™ is a way to record your thoughts and feelings about your goal. You will be able to follow your progress on a chart of  your responses, to see where you are on the path to the critical balance between positive thoughts and negative thoughts to enter the successful manifestation zone. 


Take a look inside the Workbook. All the important concepts and practices are made into simple Manifestation exercises.

What do you need for the Thought Scorecard? A blank full scorecard with the critical adjustment built into the formula.

Remember, whatever you want has also been achieved by someone else — so it’s not a fantasy, but you need a plan that’s realistic for you. There are many excellent techniques to help focus your thoughts, clarify your goals and sustain your energies — to set in motion whatever resources or energies are on the other side of the equation . 


It’s simple math: (Thoughts + Choices + Action) = What You Obtain.

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"Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans"

John Lennon